Site Managers Shutdown Plan – Covid19

Although not as densely populated as London, Cambridgeshire and Suffolk will not be immune to the uncertainty Covid-19 will present.

With the situation changing on a day by day basis -this is creating big challenges for Site Managers and Project teams- to ensure they are prepared for closures in a safe and efficient manner-often at very short notice.

  • Gather a list of services and materials that need to be secured and a plan on how they will be protected. ( For example, if a machine is on hire will this remain on-site or will there need to collection arranged )
  • Make a plan for any maintenance that is crucial.
  • Undertake a thorough clean of the entire site to ensure anything handled by site personnel has been made safe.
  • Take time to consider the overall security of the site including fencing and locks etc and prepare for extended times the site may be closed. It is always best practice to have a clear method of who can be contacted and how relating to the site-it is even more crucial now.


As we begin to adjust to returning to work, it is inevitable that site shutdowns will become a more regular feature of the landscape with regards Construction projects – being prepared will make this situation easier for everyone involved.


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