Interviewing techniques in construction

Interviewing techniques : Strategies for Success

Interviewing is an essential part of the recruitment process, especially in the construction industry. As a construction recruiter, you need to have strong interviewing skills to help you identify the right candidates for the job. Here are some strategies for success when interviewing candidates for construction roles:


Prepare for the interview: Before conducting an interview, it’s important to prepare by reviewing the candidate’s CV and job application. Familiarise yourself with their work history, experience, and qualifications. This will help you ask relevant questions during the interview.

Establish rapport: As the interviewer, it’s essential to establish a rapport with the candidate. Begin the interview with a friendly introduction and build a rapport by asking questions that allow the construction candidate to share a little about themselves. This can help the candidate feel more relaxed, making it easier to get more insightful responses.

Use behavioural questions: Behavioural questions are a great way to assess a candidate’s skills and experience. They allow you to understand how the candidate has previously handled specific situations, providing insight into their work style, problem-solving abilities, and critical thinking skills. For example, you could ask “Can you describe a project you worked on where you faced challenges? How did you handle those challenges?”

Look for passion and motivation: Look for candidates who demonstrate a passion for the construction industry and a strong motivation to succeed. Candidates who show enthusiasm for their work are more likely to be committed to the job and perform well.

Ask about safety: Safety is paramount in the construction industry, so it’s essential to ask candidates about their safety knowledge and practices. Ask about their experience with safety protocols, their understanding of safety regulations, and their experience working on construction sites.

At Marshall Recruitment in Cambridge, we understand the importance of finding the right candidates for construction roles. Our recruiters have extensive experience in the industry and are skilled in conducting interviews that identify the best candidates for the job. We use a combination of behavioural questions, experience-based questions, and safety-focused questions to ensure we identify candidates who are the right fit for our clients’ needs.

In conclusion, interviewing candidates for construction roles requires preparation, rapport building, and asking relevant and insightful questions. By using these strategies, you can identify the best candidates for the job and help your clients build successful construction teams.


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