Upskilling Could Put You in Demand

A critical challenge facing the construction industry is a skills shortage, but as a candidate, this could be a golden opportunity to make yourself in demand. 

In the next five years, it’s estimated that 320,000 jobs could be created within the industry. 

However, the Federation of Master Builders has found that construction companies are struggling to recruit skilled tradespeople. Most in demand are bricklayers, carpenters, plumbers, and electricians. 

With an ageing workforce in the construction sector and the rate of retirement set to increase, the industry is losing younger workers. But as a young worker, you can find a varied and fulfilling role in the construction industry, which can provide you with skills for life. 

If you already have a trade, upskilling could help you not only secure more work, but enable you to find more construction roles that suit your lifestyle, and progress into high demand roles. 

Digital Skills 

Without a doubt, the construction sector is suffering from a digital skills shortage

Not enough of the current workers in the industry are tech-savvy, and with technology growth in the sector, new roles are required to help utilise this technology to improve project efficiency. 

While technology may be in most people’s daily lives, it is yet to be fully embraced in the construction industry, with many organisations still using analogue processes. 

As a candidate, this is a key area for upskilling yourself, as digital skills are highly sought after in many UK companies. 

At present, digital technology is being increasingly used to construct buildings as 3D-models before they are built. However, technology such as drones and virtual reality are all set to change the way we design and build infrastructure. 

Gaining deep knowledge into these areas and becoming trained to use digital programs could help you to secure a well-paid role with prestigious construction organisations. 

Area Specific Knowledge 

Furthering your on-site knowledge is also another way to make yourself stand out as a candidate.

Areas of specific knowledge such as Asbestos Awareness, Working at Height, Manual Handling, and Health and Safety, can all enable you to further your skills and your job role. 

The more you further your knowledge, the further you can progress in the company and gain a competitive salary. 

If you are currently within an organisation, you may be able to gain training within the company as many businesses want to keep and train the talent they have. Keeping your skills up to date doesn’t have to cost you time away from your job. Many employers are happy to run training workshops to support the development of new skills. 

Environmental Skills

An area of upskilling that is often overlooked but will future-proof your career is the arena of environmental skills.

As we become ever more conscious of building environmentally and creating sustainable buildings, trades will have to adapt and adjust their skills in order to meet new regulations and consumer demand. 

Already we are seeing roofers gain skills and qualifications to fix solar panels, and plumbers learning to install eco-friendly heating systems that use renewable energy sources. 

Energy efficiency and smart technology will be at the forefront of our future buildings, which means keeping your skills relevant to the ever-changing needs will ensure you have a job for life. 

Learning about new recycled materials that are emerging in the industry, and even taking part in a Site Environment Awareness training, can put you head and shoulders above other candidates who have not taken the leap to update their skills. 

With so many varied angles for upskilling, you can find a career path that not only inspires you but makes you in-demand.


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