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Why Corporate Sustainability Matters

In the past five years, 85% of people worldwide say they have changed their purchase behaviour to be more sustainable.

Corporate sustainability is one of the most important purchasing criteria to customers, with only price and quality ahead of it.

In truth, corporate sustainability jobs are on the rise as businesses realise the need to have a strategy in place.

But why does sustainability for corporations matter so much? Keep reading as we explore the reasons.

What Is Corporate Sustainability?

Sustainability in corporations is when businesses deliver their goods and services in an environmentally sustainable way. But it also supports economic growth.

Corporate sustainability rests on three pillars:

  • Environmental (E)
  • Social (S)
  • Governance (G)

ESG means that businesses implement a strategy that responsibly uses natural resources. It also ensures that all involved in business processes are treated fairly.

Corporate sustainability focuses on long-term growth using sustainable methods rather than short-term financial gains.

Importance of Sustainable Business

Of course, corporate sustainability is vital for our planet. We know resources are limited, and pollution is a serious problem. In fact, the Carbon Majors Report from 2017 states that just 100 companies are responsible for 71% of global emissions!

But, there are plenty of other reasons why having a sustainable business model is essential.

Employee Benefits

Sustainability improves employee engagement and performance.

Job seekers want to work for sustainable companies. That’s because it provides them with a clear purpose and creates a sense of community.

Corporate sustainability drives employees to do their best work.

Reduce Consumption and Lower Costs

Running a sustainable business also helps to manage resources efficiently and reduce expenses.

Depleted resources rise in price. Thus, reducing resource consumption will lower costs. It also minimises waste.

Regulation Compliance

Governments continue to regulate businesses’ environmental impact. As the effects of climate change become more apparent, companies can expect more regulation.

Yet, your business will never fall out of compliance with a sustainable business model. A great example is the construction industry.

Moreover, you can anticipate new laws and adapt ahead of time. It’s excellent for your business but also helps you beat the competition. Sustainability is the best way to be an industry leader.

Brand Identity

In modern times, regulation compliance is not enough. Customers want to see more. Customers trust you when sustainability is at the core of your business model.

More importantly, they remain loyal. Many consumers admit they are willing to pay more for sustainable products. So you don’t have to worry about losing customers if you raise your price for more sustainable solutions.

Your brand identity appeals to more than your customers. It’s crucial to investors too. Impact investing is growing in popularity. With a positive environmental impact, you can increase investment opportunities.

Create a Sustainable Business Model

Businesses that want to thrive must have a sustainability strategy in place. Without it, employees and customers will leave in droves.

If your business is looking to hire employees who care about corporate sustainability, contact us at Marshall Recruitment. We’ll connect you with brilliant individuals who can fulfil your needs.


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